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The Rogue Discovery Park, situated at the base of Lower Table Rock on the Rogue River was created to highlight the vast History, Culture, and Ecology of the Upper Rogue and Table Rock area. The Discovery Park encompasses over 3 acers and includes a 40’ pavilion, horseshoe pits, games, snack shop, and a 40-acre lake that boast many activities including camping, fishing, peddle boating, paddle boarding, and canoeing. The Park accommodates up to 350 people at one time.

The park was specifically developed as a “River Access Only” park. The unique location of the park being just minutes from town yet feeling like you’re a world away was the main factor for this decision. The Discovery Park’s goal is to provide a very special, unique place for river goers to stop off and enjoy the table rock area, while also having the ability to stay the night and finish off their great adventure downriver the next day if they choose.

The Discovery Park also hosts the “Concert at the Rocks” series and hosts 10 concerts a summer performed on the park’s floating stage. River traffic in many forms attended these amazing events and create many great memories. The concerts were scheduled to allow people enough time to embark on the remainder of the float, taking out before nightfall if they weren’t staying the night.

Anyone is welcome to visit the park, explore, picnic, or take advantage of other services at no charge.

The Discovery Park is Open April 1st-October 1st every year with business hours being 8:30AM-9:30PM


  1. You may rent up to 4 -- 8x8 pre-setup tents at a rate of 50.00 per tent per night, per tent.

  2. You may rent a pre-setup tent that accommodates 8 people at a rate of 150.00 per night.

  3. You may use your own camping equipment and pay the overnight fee of 15.00 per person.

Outfitters: you may access the property via road for a pre-setup or gear drop off for your clients.


During the summer months, 2 times a month, the Discovery Park hosts a concert performed on a floating stage in the parks 40-acre lake. Food, beer and wine are all available at the park. These concerts are designed to allow rafting traffic to float in for the event and if not camping overnight, leave and take out safely. If you are interested in attending, the Discovery Park charges a cover @ 15.00 per person for the concert. You may call 541-414-4182 for more information.

In addition to these opportunities, you are also welcome to use the park as a stop off. The park has 3 toilets, handwashing stations, and could be a great location for a break or lunch. The Discovery Park has no landing fees. Please feel free to make this park your own.

You may also consider using this park for educational opportunities and exploration. Many groups access the park for field trips, youth events, and parties based on the many activities the park has to offer.

We invite you to learn more about the opportunities that exist for you this year!

“We’ll see you on the river”

River Tours

The Discovery Park is the stop off location for Rogue Jet Boat Adventures, Oregon’s top cultural and historical attraction. In addition, Rogue Jet Boat Adventures provides shuttle services to the park outside of their signature river tours and provides shuttle services to the park for Concerts. For booking go to or call 541-414-4182

Raft in opportunities exist for Concerts, park stop offs, and overnight camping. Call 541-414-4182 for more information.

Rafting in to the park

Raft put in locations vary depending on the length of float you desire. From Dodge Bridge the Discovery Park is approximately 3 ½ hours and from Touvelle State Park it’s approximately a 1 hr float. Take Out location downstream from the Discovery Park is at Fishers Ferry.